“CAI fills a neglected niche in the music scene that has long been deserving of more attention.
Their fresh approach to music competitions creates a new paradigm in our youth’s musical development.”

William C. Marlowe
Chairman, Founder and Artistic Director
Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Greater Washington


“What makes Concert Artists International unique and special is the professionalism,
 dedication and high standards of its organizers.
They are musicians and teachers of the highest caliber and really understand how to nurture and
showcase a student’s’ talent in the best possible way.”

Vanita Hall Jones
Professor of Flute, Catholic University of America
Ensemble Director, Julius Baker International Master Class (1982-2012)


I applaud the founders of Concert Artists International for recognizing and filling a need for more
and opportunities for young musicians to develop their talents. As a parent of two student
I have worked with CAI leadership and know they bring a wealth of knowledge and
to this endeavor. We need to nurture and grow the next generation of classical performers,
their supporters, and audiences, and the CAI approach will surely accomplish this mission.”

Neal A. Naito
Board Member, International Chamber Orchestra of Washington


I am so thankful I had the opportunity to perform with CAI. The experience I had with these
professional musicians was truly magical. Working with the conductor and the musicians enabled me
to fully understand what it’s like to work on a professional level. I will always remember this unique
opportunity and all the things I learned, and I will carry it on with me in my musical career.”

Julia Angelov, Violinist
Soloist, CAI Violin Virtuosos  Concerto Concert, 2016 (Washington, DC, USA)


“The work this organization is doing is amazing!!  I recommend them 1000% !!!”

Rick Christman, Acclaimed Tenor
Professor, The Catholic University of America
CAI Masterclass Artist-Teacher
CAI Strings, Voice, Piano Competition Live Performance Judge (New York, USA)


“CAI did everything – The application form was clear, logical and effective; the program booklet and
Carnegie Hall poster are personalized with performer’s bio and photos.

CAI has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it.

The main benefits came from receiving individual judge comments feedback and interacting with CAI Organizers, who treated every performer with ultimate respect and gave me the confidence to perform in front of live judges and audiences.”

Grace Wang, Pianist
CAI Virtuoso Competition II Winner, 2017 (New Jersey, USA)


“What a glorious, wondrous, amazing, magnificent, and mesmerizing concert that was!!
To all directors and managers of the Concert Artists International Virtuoso Competition, I would like to thank you
all for your dedication and devotion for hosting this competition.
Lastly, Congratulations to all of the winners!!!”

Parent of Kevin Liao, Clarinetist
CAI Virtuoso Competition II Winner, 2017 (Maryland, USA)


“I am so grateful to CAI for giving me a chance to perform at Carnegie Hall and giving me the courage
to move forward in my career.

Although I felt a bit anxious preparing for the competition, when I got to New York,
I felt so fortunate to participate in the amazing masterclasses taught by the incredible teachers Rick Christman and Ruth Falcon.
Before this CAI experience, I was always insecure about my voice, but learning
from these amazing artists and receiving constructive criticism and praise from them,
I learned so much and gained confidence in my talent.
They gave me the evaluation that I have a great voice but need to work on certain techniques.
They encouraged me to keep studying and further develop my talent.
I sincerely thank CAI for giving me the courage to move forward in my career.
Thanks to CAI, I received a once in a life invitation to study with one of the best teachers in one of the best music schools in the U.S.
Performing at Carnegie Hall was such a sublimely blissful experience, and I will never forget this amazing feeling.
Thank you so much!”

Yeong Ra, Soprano
CAI Professional Artist Winner and Master Class Participant, 2017 (Seoul, Korea)


  “The talent of the prize winners touched my heart in a profound way…everyone left a fantastic impression!!
Despite the young age of the performers, the difficulty level of the works was very high,
and the participants performed the serious repertoire very well, which requires a possession of the Bel Canto techniques.”

Marina Lapina, Soprano Soloist, Bolshoi Opera
CAI Artistic Advisor/Judge of the 2017 CAI Strings, Voice, Piano Competition


“CAI gives an amazing opportunity to perform in a prestigious and wonderful place – Carnegie Hall.
More importantly, the Competition appreciates and promotes real values – music and passion.
Moreover, it is very well organized!” 

Kaludia Kudelko, Pianist
CAI Professional Artist Winner, CAI Strings, Voice, Piano Competition, 2017 (Poland)


“Concert Artists International (CAI) provides an outstanding opportunity for aspiring artists
to showcase their talent in an international venue.
Our 8 year-old daughter had an amazing unforgettable experience playing at the winners’ concert in Carnegie Hall.

Throughout the entire competition process, the CAI staff,
especially Carolyn, were very professional while providing a personal touch to all interactions.
The spectacular performances of the artists was a perfect ending to the evening in New York.” 

Joe and Wendy
Parents of a CAI Young Artist I Winner (Piano), 2017 (Virginia, USA)

“My heart was pounding with excitement every moment.
It was a truly inspiring experience meeting and performing with amazing artists
from all  around the world in an awe inspiring venue, Carnegie Hall.
I am immensely thankful to CAI for inviting me as a guest artist.”

Jin Kyum Kim, Collaborative Pianist
CAI Guest Artist, 2017 (Seoul, Korea)


“Our son Daniel truly enjoyed performing in concert with so many talented musicians.
It was a privilege to perform at one of the most prestigious music halls in the world.
This experience has grown him musically, and he will treasure it for a lifetime!”

Drs. Albert and Sarah Kim
Parents of a CAI Young Artist II Winner (Piano), 2017 (Virginia, USA)

 “Participating in the CAI masterclasses,I was so grateful to study with 2 famous voice professors,
and I learned various vocal skills, which were invaluable.
In addition, I was also very pleased to be able to sing at Carnegie Hall, as a winner of the CAI Strings, Voice, Piano Competition.
I really want to recommend CAI to my friends and colleagues ”

Sarah Kim, Mezzo-Soprano
CAI Professional Artist Winner and Masterclass Participant, 2017 ( New York, USA)


“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.
Abigail had an amazing experience she will cherish her whole life!
she is now even more inspired to do greater things with her music.”

Sarah Pak
Parent of a CAI Junior Artist Winner (Piano), 2017 (Maryland, USA)


“How thrilling to see my students and other young artists performing on the stage of Carnegie Hall!
My deepest gratitude to CAI for giving these young, aspiring artists
an amazing opportunity to learn from the best and to perform on a world-class stage!”

Jung-Ae Lee, Acclaimed International Soprano and Professor (Seoul, Korea)


“I cannot thank CAI enough for giving me an opportunity to learn from a wonderful master teacher
and also giving me the honor of performing on one of the most prestigious stages in the world.”

Janggon Kim, Tenor
CAI Professional Artist Winner and Masterclass Participant, 2017 (New York, USA)


“Having a chance to perform at Concert Artists International was an amazing experience.
Given that this was my first big competition, it definitely made a huge impact on me.
this is a performance I will always be grateful for.”  

Denise Yan, Pianist
CAI Virtuoso and Maestro Competitions Winner, 2017 (Maryland, USA)

“Our daughter Nana had a wonderful, treasured experience playing in the winners’ concert at Carnegie Hall.
That experience gave her confidence and strong aspiration to become a professional player.
We truly thank CAI for creating such opportunity for impacting the minds of young artists.”

Hiromi and Hiroyuki
Parents of a CAI Young Artist II Winner (violin), 2017 (Maryland, USA)

“The CAI experience was unique and one of a kind.
It made me perform at my highest levels and created meaningful friendships.
To perform at Carnegie Hall and Strathmore Mansion was a memorable experience that I will never forget.
Thanks, CAI!”

Leena Shin, Cellist
CAI Virtuoso and Maestro Competitions Winner (Maryland, USA)


“It is our honor to be part of your event.”

Pui Yee Pearl Chan, Harpist
CAI Young Artist I Winner, 2017 (Hong Kong)


“As someone who has performed on famous opera stages all over the world,
I can attest to the importance of having world class performance experiences.
Concert Artists International makes this possible for gifted and dedicated musicians. Bravo!”

Tatiana Ishemova, Soprano
Protégé of Renata Scotta, (Virginia, USA)


“CAI provided a rare opportunity for me and my son to perform with professional musicians.
It was a truly memorable experience.
CAI is paving the way for classical musicians to share their talent with the world.”

Smiley and Adam Hsu, Violin
Soloists, CAI Violin Virtuosos Concerto Concert, 2016 (Maryland, USA)


“I attended a CAI winners performance, and it was thrilling from beginning to end to hear these young
artists perform with a professional orchestra. The quality of the performances was exceptional,
 the entire evening was memorable and professional in every detail. There is no question that CAI
and encourages high standards of excellence.”

Rita Fagan, Soprano
Audience Participant, CAI Violin Virtuosos Concerto Concert, 2016 (Virginia, USA)


“The creation of Concert Artists International (CAI) is an important development in the classical music
Through its sponsorship of competitions, masterclasses, and performance opportunities in
of the most prestigious and acoustically satisfying venues in the world, CAI provides unique
opportunities for emerging and established musicians.
CAI is managed for musicians by musicians of
 the highest caliber.
I fully expect sensational outcomes for all involved.”

Albert Hunt, DMA (Juilliard)
Clarinet Performer/Teacher (Virginia, USA)


“As the parent of a student who competed in the event, ‘Violin Virtuosos’ presented in 2016
 Concert Artists International, I can attest to the high level of professionalism exhibited
by the
 organizers who are themselves musicians and teachers of the highest standards.
It was clear that the
 young musicians enjoyed the event and were proud to showcase their musical talents.”

Walter Kruppa, Ph.D., Research Engineer, ret.
Parent of a Soloist of the CAI Violin Virtuosos Concerto Concert (Virginia, USA)


“CAI was a unique experience and a different approach to music competitions.
I thought it was a
 wonderful experience and would recommend it to any aspiring musicians.”

Yanglan Xu, Violinist
Soloist, CAI Violin Virtuosos Concerto Concert (Virginia, USA)


“Concert Artists International offers fantastic opportunities for talented musicians
around the world to
 perform in the best concert halls in the world. I would highly recommend it to all of my students”

Sang Wook Ko, Pianist/Pedagogue
Piano Pedagogue
Music Director, Saint Thomas Catholic Center (California, USA)


“CAI is a wonderful combination of artistry and education.
The organizers are very professional, efficient and highly organized.”

Phillip Chough, Amateur Clarinetist and CPA (Florida, USA)


“Congratulations on a fantastic concert. I’m so glad my son participated, and he is happy
to have
 done it as well. It was truly a fantastic afternoon of music.”

Dr. Rita Roy, M.D.
Parent of a Soloist of the CAI Violin Virtuosos Concerto Concert (Virginia, USA)

“This is the agency for musical artists – offering master classes, contact with other musicians,
arrangements for competitions and when ready, access to prestigious performance venues.”

Norman Holly, International Development Economist, ret. (Maryland, USA)