Concert Artists International™

Creating world class performance opportunities

Extraordinary performance experiences should be made available to all deserving musicians, regardless of age and status. While our musical standards are quite high, we are committed to creating world class opportunities for a greater number of aspiring musicians.

We present musicians of all ages and nationalities in some of the best concert halls in the world. From professionally designed posters to awards and program booklets,our goal is to give each performer the ultimate performance experience, one that is worthy of a world class artist.

In addition to competitions we also host master classes and offer career counseling to help students become artists. Recently, CAI hosted vocal master classes with acclaimed singers
and master teachers, Rick Christman and Ruth Falcon at The National Opera Center in New York.
Other CAI projects currently in the works include solo presentations of up and coming as well as more established artists in world class venues.

Chris Lu
Daniel Lu

…of the musicians, by the musicians, for the musicians

Concert Artists International was created by active professional musicians and caring music educators. We have participated in many competitions ourselves at the student and professional levels, and we have entered and helped countless students prepare to do their best in local, national and international competitions. We have served on the jury of numerous competitions and festivals. We get it, and we are excited to use our collective experiences (both good and bad) to help our participants have the best possible artistic and educational experience.

We regularly talk to teachers, students and professional musicians to come up with
innovative ways to help our participants grow musically. This is how our first event, "Violin
Virtuosos," a concerto competition and concert featuring talented violin soloists with a
professional orchestra, was born. We were so inspired by all of the positive feedback, and
we have never looked back.

Music Competition—an oxymoron?

This is definitely a controversial subject, and unhealthy competitions absolutely have no place in our world. At the same time, we believe that good competitions offer challenges for growth and opportunities for recognition. We are doing our best to create competitions that will give every applicant a feeling of accomplishment and success:
• competitions that afford performance opportunities in some of the most prestigious concert venues in the world
• competitions that offer invaluable written feedback from highly respected musicians
• competitions that help every participant thrive and develop a drive to grow as an artist even after our competitions are over
• competitions that can help you become the artist you dreamed of
We hope that you will join on this musical journey.

What makes us different

World class performance opportunities - 100%
Invaluable feedback from professional musicians to help you improve - 100%
Company of musicians that empathize with you to help you succeed - 100%