Carnegie Hall Concert: May 31, 2024

Performers List

Justin Brewer, Piano (Senior Artist)

Bethany Brown, Piano (Young Artist II)

Nicolas Bruneau, Piano (Junior Artist)

Michael Durnev, Piano (Young Artist II)

Shira Fuchs, Violin (Young Artist II)

Iden Han, Cello (Senior Artist)

Yihan Hong, Piano (Senior Artist)

Hannah Hsu, Piano (Senior Artist)

Morning Huang, Violin (Professional Artist)

Oriana Huang, Flute (Junior Artist)

Stephen Jin, Cello (Senior Artist)

Madison Joo, Piano (Junior Artist)

Siwon Kim, Piano (Professional Artist)

Jacquelina Lao, Piano (Young Artist I)

Gabriel Lee, Cello (Senior Artist)

Joji Lewicki, Violin (Young Artist I)

Ella Li, Contemporary Voice (Senior Artist)

Fengzhi Lin, Piano (Professional Artist)

Sherry Lu, Piano (Junior Artist)

Warren Park, Cello (Young Artist I)

Polina Popova, Piano (Junior Artist)

Eleanor Ren, Piano (Aspiring Artist)

Yijun Sophie Shao, Cello (Young Artist II)

Min-Shan Tsai, Piano (Professional Artist)

Travis Wong, Violin (Young Artist I)

Danlei Yang, Piano (Professional Artist)

Henry (Renhan) Yang, Clarinet (Young Artist I)

Seulki Susie Yoo, Piano (Professional Artist)

Burnt Tree Piano Trio

Min-Han Tsai, Violin 

Po-Chen Chang, Cello

Min-Shan Tsai, Piano

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Winners Package

  • Professional performance presentation in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall

  • Dress rehearsal/sound check time in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall (optional but recommended) 

  • Set of digital photos taken by a professional photographer (emailed to each participant)

  • Your name and photo appearing on a professionally designed poster displayed at Carnegie Hall

  • Your name, photo, and instrument/voice type appearing on the Carnegie Hall website

  • Professionally designed program booklet with each performer's biography and photo

  • Award certificate (Carnegie Hall Performer's Certificate)

  • Official letter stating that you performed at Carnegie Hall

  • Award Plaque (CAI Winner, Carnegie Hall)

  • T-shirt (especially designed for the Carnegie Hall performers)

  • Teacher’s appreciation certificate

  • Up to two complimentary tickets

  • Judge's comments

  • Recommendation letter for college, scholarships, summer programs, etc. (by request only)

  • Opportunity to defer your Carnegie Hall performance for a year without having to re-apply (Grand, First, Second, and Third Prize winners only)

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