2017 CAI Virtuoso Competition Winners


2017 Concert Artists International Virtuoso Competition Winners

The jury has decided to select Grand Prize winners based on the
Video auditions for the Virtuoso Competition.
“Best Performer’s Prize(s)” will be given out to outstanding performers after the winners concert.


Grand Prize Winners

Joseph Tao, Violin (Young Artist II)
Ethan Hsiao, Piano (Junior Artist)
Hannah Lee, Flute (Senior Artist)
Bora Kim, Piano (Professional Artist)

Young Artists I (Grades 1-3) First Prize Winners

Chloe Lee, Violin
Daphne Wen, Violin

Young Artists II (Grades 4-6) First Prize Winner

Denise Yan, Piano

Junior Artists (Grades 7-9) First Prize Winners

Adam Hsu, Violin
Leena Shin, Cello
Alexandra Thalberg, Piano
Justin Yi, Viola

Junior Artists (Grades 7-9) Second Prize Winners

Kelly Kim, Piano
Rachel Son, Flute
Daniel Tuan, Piano

Senior Artists (Grades 10-11) First Prize Winners

Frank Ge, Flute
Claire Hebeisen, Violin
Daniel Lee, Viola
Shannon Prescott, Oboe

Senior Artists (Grades 10-11) Second Prize Winners

Jung-Won Hwang, Flute
Justin Song, Cello

Professional Artists (College and Beyond) First Prize Winner

Young Soo An, Voice